Arborist, Certified                 Lee Harrison-Smith                           360-840-3781


Carpenter                              Chris Holknecht                                 206-459-2896


Carpets                                  Scanlon Carpets                                  425-353-8426


Carpet Cleaning                    Ellison Carpet Care                           206-240-9163

Colorist                                   Connie Lamont                                  360-779-7227


Drainage                                Wu Construction                               206-786-6539


Electrician                              PMA Electrical                                  206-440-7799

                                                Northstar Electric                             206-329-1596

Garage Door/                         Ben

Opener Repair                       Precision Door


Glass Repair                         Bill’s Glass                                           425-778-9611


Handyman                            Jason Cooper                                      206-307-4734


Hardwood Floors                 Rodolfo Cisneros                               206-251-2785


Heating                                 Matuska Heating                               425-776-4867

                                               Blue Flame                                         206-368-5644


Home Organization             Moves Made Simple                          206-307-9424


Landscape Design                Catie Smith, Brier Creek                   425-778-3716


Landscape Maintenance       Se Pro Yard Work                             425-770-6615

                                                 Jose’s                                                 425-299-2654


Movers                                    Hansen Brothers                               425-776-0176


Painters                                  Doug Aichle, Eagle Paint                 206-251-3684

                                                Julian*                                                253-653-4990

                                                Phinney Ridge Painting                   206-371-1441


Plumber                                 Ally Plumbing                                    206-557-3195                          

                                                Prima Plumbing                                206-706-0300


Roofing                                  Rick, NW Roofing                             425-344-4272


Sewer Clean-out                    Rick Delamare                                   425-775-8445

                                                Hydro Physics


Sheetrock                               Andrews Drywall                                360-658-0533


Tile                                          Josh Herzberg, Heart                       425-791-5194

                                                Mtn Tile Company


Weatherization                      Clean Crawls                                      425-260-5239


Window Cleaning                 Crystal Panes                                      206-324-0956


 ·       Julian only works on referral, so you will have to let him know I referred you.


If you are interested in purchasing paint yourself, Rodda will give you a 15%

discount. Just give them my account #–597563. Rodda gave me 20% discount cards

too, so please let me know if you would like one of those too.



This list has been compiled by happy clients who have used these vendors. I cannot guarantee their work. 

Please let me know if you have proven craftspeople who you would like to see get more business.