Landscaping March 16, 2012

Water, water everywhere

I’m speaking from experience here. Last year we had a major flood. This time of year we get some tremendous run-off from our neighbor’s yard. Despite the fact that he graciously agreed to instal a drain pipe on his property, we are still having problems. With the recent down pour, there we were again trying to divert water from getting into our house.

While every situation is certainly different, this is what we are going to do. We have a very large back yard and we’re going to plant some water-loving native shrubs along the west side where the water begins. One I particularly like is Arrowood Virburnum. It has great fall color, blue berries and white flowers. An inspector once told me that a very large evergreen tree can absorb 250 gallons of water a day? I don’t know that I need anymore evergreens on the property, but I thought I’d throw that tidbit in.

 The other thing we are going to do is call our favorite water guys at Allied Waterproofing & Drainage. Paul is the person we always speak to at 206-624-7333.

If you use Allied, please let me know about your experience.