What the experts say the Fed will do over the coming months

~~Forecasting Federal Reserve policy changes in coming months… Economists see the central bank hiking the Fed Funds Rate a quarter point this week. They then expect no action in January, but another quarter point increase come March.

The Current Fed Funds rate is 0 to 0.25%

After the meeting consenus is the fund rate will be

             December 16 –   0.50%                Jan 27   – 0.50%                          March 16   –   0.75%









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Tips for Selling At Top Dollar

It’s a big decision to sell your home.  But once you’ve decided that you’re going to sell, I have some suggestions for selling quickly and for top dollar:

  • Since setting the price is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, drive around and look at the homes you’re competing with.  Make your price too high and the buyers will just go to one of those other homes; go too low and you’ll leave cash on the table.
  • I won’t just tell you what you want to hear but I’ll give you a true picture about values in your neighborhood.
  • Stage the home. I’m an Accredited Staging Professional and I provide a staging consultation at no cost to you. I’m also a Master Gardener, so starting at the curbside is included!
  • Get a pre-inspection.  Even though buyers will still get their own inspection, having a pre-inspection shows you care about the condition of the home. This sets your home above the rest and that might be just what the next buyer is looking for.
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